WindowSystem offers a brand new generation of UV protection called « Store-Film », an effective way of protecting yourself from UV rays and the heat that comes with it and the whole system is removable ! At last you can find a transparent blind that is effective in any season !

WindowSystem works with the latest technology of Store-Film and uses its high resistance property against solar radiation, thus allowing various applications. Thanks to is thin metallic layer caught between to polyesters blocks, the Store-Film brings you :

  • An outstanding thermal protection in the summer/winter
  • 92% decrease in solar radiation and infrared rays, which are the main cause of heat
  • A significant decrease of your expenses in air conditioning in summer
  • Up to 97% decrease in dazzlement effect, ideal for IT facilities
  • Better light spread in the equipped facility
  • Almost total absence of ultraviolet rays, which is the main cause for discoloration
  • Perfect vision of the surroundings outside the facility whilst allowing not to be seen !
  • Better thermal isolation in winter, thus reducing spending in energy
  • Future savings thank to a quick amortization
  • Last but not least, great satisfaction for many years to come !

No matter which type of Store-Film you will choose, its embossed aspect ensures it the right stiffness for the numerous manipulations to come and gives a dashing look. It is the basis for a modern and stylish tool.

WindowSystem and its advisors stand at your disposal for any question you may have and will be glad to conduct a price estimate for your car.